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Come All Within As Rugby Rep Comes Down to Welfare

With player welfare to the forefront of debate across a number of sports after the death of footballing great Sir Bobby Charlton and the class action being faced by both rugby codes over head injury, former player and RepComms co-founder

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The Price of War

RepComms were interested guests for the second year running at the CERGE-EI London defence conference in November which this year looked at conflict economics in a volatile world. With Russia’s attack on Ukraine followed swiftly by the Hamas assault on

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Read All Abaaad It!

RepComms co-founder Patrick Barrow has been chipping in to media in recent months, offering his take on the news as it happens from debanking to the Rugby World Cup, reporting the Middle East to cross-Channel cinema angst and all with

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RepComms Megs Ronaldo in Coca Cola Clash

Portuguese footballing great Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent attempts to dissociate the big money game from, erm, big money by hiding bottles of Coca Cola at post-match press conferences have backfired, RepComms has told The Daily Telegraph. Coke, one of the main

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RepComms-backed Citizenship4Soldiers Campaign makes Significant Advance

Citizenship4Soldiers, the campaign to help Commonwealth troops who have served in the UK military stay in the country under whose flag they have fought, has taken a significant step forward. The pressure group headed by David McMullen, and whose endeavours

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RepComms on the Radio

Has Kent’s reputation suffered from the Covid variant bearing its name? That was the burning issue on BBC Radio Kent this morning (13 Feb) as Patrick Barrow met Pat Marsh on the airwaves. Veteran DJ Marsh was quizzing the RepComms

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RepComms Rallies to Veteran Cause

RepComms was pleased and proud to lend its weight to efforts to secure citizenship rights for Commonwealth veterans who have served in Britain’s armed forces. Tying up with campaign group Citizenship4Soldiers, MP Col Bob Stewart as well as sporting celebrities

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It’s All Harmony as Barrow and Johnson Rock the Fringe

Reputation Communications founder Patrick Barrow faced the unenviable task of opening for Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester recently (October). Playing to a packed house enlivened by conference hospitality, a boisterous

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The Critic Garners Favourable Reviews on Opening Night

Reputation Communications founders Patrick Barrow and Lucy Goodwin were somewhat surprised to be included among the great and the good of history, the arts, politics and of course journalism as a new magazine, The Critic, launched at the Lansdowne Club

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Car trouble? RepComms Talks to Telegraph on how to fix Tesla

The highs and lows of Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX, have been under the media spotlight recently as the American businessman’s erratic behaviour causes increasing concern among investors, regulators, management and friends. What that means for

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