RepComms Rallies to Veteran Cause

RepComms was pleased and proud to lend its weight to efforts to secure citizenship rights for Commonwealth veterans who have served in Britain’s armed forces.

Tying up with campaign group Citizenship4Soldiers, MP Col Bob Stewart as well as sporting celebrities including football’s Harry Redknapp, RepComms rallied to the call, co-ordinating the publicity push for a cause which has seen eight Fijian soldiers go to the High Court in search of rights of citizenship and residency in the country they served with distinction.

RepComms MD Patrick Barrow said: “It’s really very simple. If these men and others like them are prepared to die for this country, it seems only right they should have the opportunity to live here too. I know everyone involved is proud to lend their backing to this most deserving cause.”

Anyone wishing to know more about Citizenship4Soldiers should contact David McMullen on


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