RepComms on the Radio

Has Kent’s reputation suffered from the Covid variant bearing its name? That was the burning issue on BBC Radio Kent this morning (13 Feb) as Patrick Barrow met Pat Marsh on the airwaves.

Veteran DJ Marsh was quizzing the RepComms MD as regular  listeners worried that the ancient county might be shunned by visitors from home and abroad.

‘Never fear’ said Barrow as he pointed out that most of Europe had dubbed the variant ‘the British mutation’ as post-Brexit angst and vaccine war expediency demanded vilification of our sceptres isle. Kent barely got a mention.

Meanwhile, with city slickers looking for more green and pleasant lands post-covid confinement, Kent was proving a magnet to new residents.

‘The biggest threat to the garden of England’s good name?’ asked Marsh. Obviously the Dover bottleneck.

To be continued..








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