Here At RepComms, We Wrote the Book

RepComms MD Patrick Barrow has written a crime thriller out this month.

Entitled Bang Out Of Order, this rattling good read takes place split time between the Seventies and a dateless present and tells the tale of a man’s search for a future in the wreckage of the past.

Let’s let the publisher take up the story:

“In 1979, a desperate Irish republican detonated a bomb on a London train, killing dozens and causing irreparable damage. Years later, with the culprit never discovered, ageing cop Sean Christopher reopens the case, noticing a direct link to his past. As he begins to piece together the evidence from maturing Londoners burdened by their knowledge for far too long, romance begins to blossom with him and a young, witty colleague. Both a tense, quietly desperate crime procedural, and a meditation on time, generational differences, and family trauma, this immensely confident debut by journalist Patrick Barrow is a must-read.”

Tempted? Well, stocks are already low but the presses are a-whirring with a new run. Available from Amazon, Foyle’s Waterstones and the Book Depository, you can also order direct from the publishers here

And remember, if you need a writer, best contact a pro.



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