Slater Investments Fund Promotion

The Challenge

Slater is a fund manager with a pedigree. Headed by Mark Slater, son of veteran City investor and author of the seminal ?Zulu Principle? guide to successful investment, Jim Slater, their funds have recovered from a lean spell to top the leagues against bigger, better known rivals.

With star player Neil Woodford leaving major competitor Invesco and Slater once again able to offer table-topping returns, the challenge was to raise Slater?s profile to attract money leaving Invesco in the wake of Woodford?s departure and to position the Slater offering as a go-to destination for investors looking for high performing fund management free of capacity constraints.

Our Approach

RepComms resurrected the lessons of ?The Zulu Principle? to position Slater as the expert and investor-friendly player in fund management. Through a programme of journalist contact meetings, authored comment pieces and top tip columns targeting key media for HNW money savvy investors, RepComms put Slater front and centre for those looking to relocate from Invesco or newly liberated annuities.

The Results

RepComms delivered widespread coverage across the national personal finance pages, including a number of features in The Daily Telegraph as well as the FT, several pieces in the Times, Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday. Combined with enhanced journalist relations including commentators from the Evening Standard and The Times, Slater reported increased traffic to their website and an up-tick in investment with each new piece of coverage.

Slater Investments wanted to enhance their reputation as fund managers with a proven investment philosophy while raising the profile of their successful growth and income funds. RepComms achieved this, gaining us consistent coverage in the finance pages of key nationals as well as providing access to their network of journalists and academics.

Ralph Baber, Chief Operating Officer, Slater Investments